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Param as a concept has come a long way, starting off as an idea to help different solutions to companies in South Africa, then moving on to a development house that focused on delivering everything you need, but after solving enough problems we think we have something.

Param Technology was founded by two young African who wanted to build a company that would work not outside, but inside the teams trying to solve the problems happening in the continent. Africa is opening its doors to the world, more opportunities arise and we believe the people staged to tackle those challenges, just do not have the necessary resources.

Our mission is to make it easier for these problem solvers to solve problems. Helping them use technology to build uniquely African solutions that they own and have a team that is constantly looking to improve it. So when the day comes, and we know it will, we would love to know that we had something to do in making it happen.

A path for greatness

Deploying and inspiring developers at scale is hard and as we grow our partnerships with other teams, we want to share that knowledge. Instead of a grad program that teaches devs to work for us, we want to help them look at technology in context of what is happening around them. With the hope that when they join our team, they’re able to look at the problems we solve the same way we look at it.

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