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Why Param Tech?

Param Solutions is a technology development studio and enterprise solutions company.
Our name is derived from parameters in the fundamentals of programming. Parameters are
indispensable components of functions, allowing functions
to perform tasks without knowing the values ahead of time and allowing programmers to
divide their code into logical blocks.

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A team built to enable collaboration between business and technology.

We form partnerships with founders and businesses to become their development partner. Making us responsible for developing solutions
that bring positive outcomes and allow for disruption to take.

Our Business

Our Model

We form strategic partnerships with our customers and technology solution providers. An integral part of an ecosystem built on mutual trust and collaboration, to deliver a full spectrum of innovative and adaptable solutions.

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Our Value Offering

The key to unlocking business value is working in synergy with our customers to adopt leading technologies, co-creating and speeding up product development, measuring and auditing strategic digital solutions.


Our Team

Constructors, Delegators and Indexers, our Team are a blend of entrepreneurial self-starters with an innate curiosity about technology. A synchronized, high-performing team with more than 15 years collective experience. This ensures that each customers journey is successfully architected, managed and implemented

Our Technology Partners

A combination of best of breed solutions and industry practices including Design Thinking, Agile development and continuous delivery to deliver innovative solutions.

Our Mantra

Digital Transformation does not come from comfort zones!

Consolidating systems in your business eliminates information silo’s, such as integrating across legacy systems, whilst providing operational efficiencies.

Facilitating collaboration improves productivity across your business, reduces costs, shortens timelines and encourages shared ideas.


Remarkable inventions throughout history, from the light bulb to electric cars, are all the result of curiosity.


We are better working together on delivering one big solution, then working as individuals on smaller outcomes


Global provider of technology.

30 + Clients

Technology that is African.

Growing to

10 + Partners

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Param Tech is an end-to-end custom software development company, that designs, builds, deploys, and maintains mobile and web applications, that help start-ups & corporates start, run & grow WORLD-CLASS businesses.

Build great solutions with great outcomes today !

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